Who is 'Alana'?

Q and A with Alana

Name  Alana Maree Salm

Star Sign Pisces

Eye Colour  Brown

Occupations   Wedding – Celebrant / Mentor / Creative Director, Public Speaker and Social Host

Status   Married

Children   Yes

Pet  Fluffy white dog called Gatsby, a cat no one likes named Esther and 2 chooks Brownie and The Fighter

Lifestyle  Active

Residence   Grange / Wilston

Red or White?   Always white

Sweet or Savoury?   Both, bonus if combined

Fine dining or take aways?  I love a good food market

Currently Reading   ‘Why is everyone hanging out without me?’ Mindy Kaling

Currently Watching   Masters of Sex, GoT, Orange is the New Black. Please Like Me. The Mindy Project.

Listening to   Randy Newman, Jack White, Lilly Allen and Dusty Springfield radio stations on Pandora

Macaron or Brownie   Anything but Macaron, I don’t get the Macaron hype.

Favourite getaway   Camping with my family

Known for   Baking cakes and throwing crazy parties

Past things that still annoy you   the final episode of Dexter

Current things that annoy you   the over use of the word Epic.

New or Old   I love a good restoration or up cycle

Football Code   next question.

Apple or Android   Apple


“She may not be famous, but she’s certainly a performer – one that can

hold an audience’s attention and create a vibe where fun can flourish.”